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Stan was born in New York on January 29th. The family moved from New York to settle in Daytona Beach, Florida about a year later. At the age of seven, the family decided to leave the south of the USA to finally move back to Germany, where they had originally come from.
As a boy, Stan was „forced“ to take piano lessons, which he hated at the time. Later he would say: „Knowing my way around the keyboard turned out to be a big help.“ As a teenager, his interest in music grew and the guitar became the instrument that grabbed his attention and wouldn’t let him go up to this day.
At the very beginning of his playing years, he was all in for iconic rock and roll bands like The Rolling Stones, Glam Rockers T-Rex but also acoustic-oriented music like Simon & Garfunkel, Gram Parsons, or John Prine and of course country legend Johnny Cash. But maturing from a fan to a songwriter himself, Silver would draw inspiration from his all-time favorites and idols Neil Young, The Eagles, or Tom Petty just to name a few.
Stan returned to Daytona Beach after finishing school in Germany. Here he enrolled at Daytona Beach State College to study music as a major. He also started an acoustic guitar trio playing a mix of cover versions and original songs. In the years to come bands like AC/DC and Van Halen changed Stan’s listening habits and playing style started to shift more into a Hard Rock direction. Finishing his music studies at Daytona State College he returned to Germany. Due to the fact that he is a native English speaker , he was asked to collaborate in writing English lyrics for their songs by various bands. This led to working with a group that was being produced by Dieter Dirks (Scorpions, Accept) and signed to EMI at the time. Besides rock music, Stan always had an open ear for radio-friendly songs. Shopping his songs and music productions to labels and publishers opened up the opportunity to collaborate with producer Peter Hoffmann (Tokyo Hotel). More songs in various genres were written and produced to be released on „Coconut Rec./BMG“, „Berlin Rec./SONY MUSIC“ and ZYX. Many of the songs were picked up to be released on Compilation CDs around the world.
After years of writing and producing for other artists, Stan finally decided to write and record his first solo album „Higher Ground“ which was released on „Amazing Rec.“. “It’s a CD that was long overdue” Stan explains and it reveals his passion for Americana and Country Music with a lot of Rock and Roll to it. Next on his list was Nashville, TN which is known as „Music City USA“. In awe he looks back on his first visit and says: „Playing at a place like „The Bluebird Café“ sent chills up and down my spine!“ Many trips followed and Stan considered Nashville his second home.
Now Stan is based in Hamburg, Germany and he is stoked to have the first songs of his new project “Stan Silver and the Brave Puppies” ready to be released!


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