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Stan Silver was born in New York City. He spent the first years of his life in Daytona Beach, Florida before his family moved to Germany.

He started playing piano before switching to guitar as his main instrument. His passion for songwriting started when listening and playing music more seriously. His main influences were artists like Neil Young, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, The Rolling Stones and the Eagles just to name a few.

After finishing school in Germany he moved back to the USA and went to Daytona Beach Community College in Florida and Berklee College of Music in Boston.

His first full length CD „Higher Ground“ was released by Amazing Records.

Stan Silver performs all over the world. Highlight were shows in New York (CBGB), Los Angeles, San Diego, Nashville, Tokio, Okinawa, Warsaw, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna and many, many more!

He got film maker Joshua Lang from Los Angeles, CA to shoot videos of his most recent songs („Time to be Free“ & „Hot Blooded Redneck Girl“).

The world premier of  the  „Hot Blooded Redneck Girl“ video was on „Laura Dodds Video Jukebox“ in Nashville, Tennessee in Spring 2012. The amount of views he’s getting on YouTube speak for themselves!


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